Escape the Swamp

Join Zeni for an inspiring, theme-park adventure ride, as she recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming. During her journey, Zeni uncovers some life-altering wisdom of the Universe which changes her perception of life, love,  relationships and most importantly, herself. Armed with this knowledge, she rises in her empowerment, escapes the swamp, and becomes the hero of her own fairy tale. This is book one of The Toad Chronicles series.


Get ready to be whisked away aboard The Toad Chronicles, an inspiring, theme-park adventure ride, set in the metaphorical swamp of life. During the adventure, Zeni, the ride’s narrator and protagonist of the series, recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming. Along the way, however, she unearths some life-altering wisdom which helps her escape the swamp and become the hero of her own fairy tale.

In Escape the Swamp, book one of the series, seven guests, Virgil, Winnie, Rudy, Charlie, Emma, Shaniqua, and Jennifer, join Zeni aboard leg one of the ride and travel to ten destination spots located within the swamp. At each spot, they meet one of two species of toads: the “religious freak” toad and “commitment creep” toad, for a total of eleven toad showcased during leg one of the ride.

At the conclusion of each escapade, Zeni and her guests engage in an empowering, sometimes lively, discussion where Zeni imparts the life-altering wisdom she discovered during her adventures. As Zeni relays, this wisdom changed her perception of life, love, relationships, and most importantly, herself, enabling her to rise up in her empowerment.

Join Zeni for The Toad Chronicles adventure ride! Learn how to rise up in your empowerment, escape the swamp, and become the hero of your own fairy tale.

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