500 Powerful Affirmations (Epub Format)


Enjoy this powerful collection of affirmations and videos written and spoken by Nikki Karis, part of Karis’ Becoming Grace Book Series.


The affirmations written by Nikki Karis in her book, 500 Powerful Affirmations: Think, Act, & Feel Positive, will help you find empowerment, transform your life from the inside out, connect with your Higher Self, and attain an amazing state of grace.

If you have ever experienced a self-fulfilling prophecy, then you are well on your way to understanding the mechanics of an affirmation and the power behind your thoughts, as your thoughts, either positive or negative, can affect your reality. Your thoughts affect your behavior and change your reality—for better or for worse. The great thing is, though, if you think positively, you can create a positive reality.

The powerful affirmations written by Karis are positive messages you can think or even say out loud to yourself to help frame your perception. Karis’ affirmations will help you break free from negative thoughts and self-doubt and, in turn, change your way of thinking and acting and ultimately, your reality for the better.

In the Epub and Mobi versions of the book, some of Karis’ messages contain an associated video, produced by Karis at her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Readers can view the video by clicking on the link listed below the message. For the audio book version, listeners can watch playlists of Karis’ videos on her YouTube channel.

Purchase 500 Powerful Affirmations and transform your life from the inside out.

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